Telemarketing/Direct Mail

May 3, 2016

telemarketingLet our team become an integral part of your sales and marketing efforts. We realize that we are an extension of your business which is why we work with you to develop script content and to fully educate and train our representatives. We can handle everything from the more routine calling to targeting specific contacts or areas as directed by the client. We can provide custom proposals relating to upgrades of your current customer base or by helping to launch, promote, and sell new products and telemarketing services for you.

In terms of Direct Mail, we can provide full service fulfillment of direct mail programs of any size. This fulfillment includes everything from partnering for design of mail pieces to targeting desired areas and to completing the physical mailing of the piece.


Telemarketing Services Include:

  • Lead generation
  • Voice message broadcasting
  • Sales verifications
  • Customer surveys
  • Appointment services
  • Email services
  • Performance billing-pay only on results
  • Extensive experience-over 30 years
  • Great low-cost revenue option for you
  • Represent you with integrity and with a passion for your customers

Direct Mail Services Include:

  • We will meet your company’s goals, budgets, and timelines
  • Work with you to Identify your target audience within your data
  • Create zip code targets based on your market structure
  • Work with you to design the most effective piece based on the goals of each program
  • Print and mail your piece cost effectively
  • Work with you to track results and adjust your programs accordingly

To discuss how ICCS can fulfill your company’s telemarketing and direct mail needs Contact Us now!