Social Media Services

July 16, 2016

social media services

A robust online presence, of course, is a must for every business today. Social media is a valuable communications channel for your customers and the relationship between your company and these customers. ICCS can help your business be better known and more active in the social media world by improving and increasing your daily presence. We can help you manage online campaigns, optimize marketing strategies, and report to you on the social media services impact of your business and products. Our specialists have the skillsets to deliver exceptional audience care while helping generate more revenue for you by managing or assisting in your social media world. ICCS offers your business the following support for social media:


Social Media Presence and Reputation Management – As noted, social media plays a key role in your business and an important way to keep a good business reputation is by keeping an active social media presence. Our team of specialists can help your business maintain a good social media presence and positive reputation.

Social Media Analytics – We can help you optimize your social media efforts and how they impact your products, services, market, campaigns, etc. ICCS can provide you with comprehensive data by monitoring the social media activity in your accounts in order to help you improve your business strategies.

Social Media Customer and Brand Care – We can proactively respond to customer queries/concerns in real-time and provide customer service within the social media realm. We communicate escalation of issues to a designated recipient of the client and/or an account management team within the client’s company.