Outbound Customer Service

May 3, 2016

outbound customerOur outbound customer call and contact center services, through our various customer care touches, will interact with your existing customer base to help protect this existing base as the most valuable resource that you have. The outbound call and contact center of ICCS is designed to be an extension of your company’s customer care team, as we provide you with a fully trained pool of skilled associates to help protect and grow your business.

Outsourcing your outbound operations can lower your costs significantly, providing an improvement to your bottom line. We can also help you learn what your customers think of your products and services to enable you to better meet their needs. Late payments or missed payments from your customers? We can systematically contact customers who need assistance in taking care of billing items and making payments (many times on the spot), thereby improving customer retention.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Customer Retention Contacts, Digital Support and Troubleshooting, Payment Reminder; whatever your company’s needs may be, we have the professionals to meet those needs.