Customer Retention

March 28, 2017

customer retentionIf you are tired of sending invoices to customers who seem to ignore them and you are ready to do something about it, contact ICCS today for customer rention service!

ICCS strives to bring your customers current on any outstanding balance in their accounts. We do this through all of our customer contacts by employing such methods as on the spot payments and by setting up customers on an automated payment system utilizing our client’s methodology and processes. These important, on-going efforts can do wonders with your bottom line.

In addition, our goal is to quickly bring the account to resolution in such a manner that we obtain every possible payment while retaining every possible customer.

At ICCS we combine technology with a highly trained team that makes it their business to become experts on your company. Our collections/retention team connects with your customer base in a manner in which your customers feel most comfortable while we make it to a top priority to maintain excellent customer relationships for you.

We can customize services and packages according to client needs while leveraging our technology, training and experience in order to deploy such programs quickly and efficiently. Our approach is results-driven but never without focus on the consumer experience. We also maintain full and exacting compliance with the FCC and individual state consumer contact requirements.